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Save time and expense by reducing or eliminating breakage and repair costs.

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Big Grips are made of a lightweight non-toxic material that is very protective.

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Big Grips are inherently resistant to oils and stains so clean up is quick and easy.

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I am the technology specialist at The Academy of the Holy Names. I was tasked with finding a case/protection for our kindergarten through 4th grade full class sets of iPad 2’s (over 200 iPads total). I tried several different cases and came to Big Grips. In almost 2 years we have not had one break with our iPads in the Big Grips. We love them and have recommended them to others countless times. Thank you so much for the quality product you have provided.

Seth Hendrickson, Technology Specialist

I am an elementary special ed teacher with young students with autism. I got a new iPad last spring, but was concerned about my students dropping it or damaging it. I got Big Grips Frame and now I can let the kids have the iPad with no worries. It makes it easier for them to use because it doesn't slide around on the table, but it is also very light and easy to hold. It is a little hard to get it into the case, but that is good because it doesn't slip around and the kids can't take it out of the case either. Everyone who sees this case wants one!


I purchased Big Grips for iPads used by fourth graders. The kids love using the iPads in Big Grips - I got one in every color - and the Frames are very light weight. As a teacher, I do not have to worry about an iPad getting dropped. First, the grip is non-slip and secondly, if one is dropped, it is not going to break. My sister-in-law uses these at her school and told me they were so good that she bought them for my niece and nephew. I use the different colors to assign students to certain iPads, as I do not have a complete class set. Also, it was very easy to insert the iPad into Big Grips Frame - there is a short online video to show you how. Great investment!

Alabama Mom

My daughter's Special Ed teacher recommended this product for her iPad. I researched similar products, but Big Grips Frame and Stand are far superior. My daughter has severe cerebral palsy which affects the fine motor skills in her hands. She cannot hold onto items for very long without dropping them. The Stand along with the Frame are perfect for setting on her wheelchair tray for a perfect visual angle. When she does grasp the iPad, it's chunky enough for her to hold for longer periods of time. And yes, she has dropped it onto the floor but no damage done, no worries. I would most certainly buy this product again. Highly recommended for Special Ed classrooms.