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Big Grips Frame™ is the iPad case made for kids. It’s big, squishy, easy to grab, comfortable to hold, and very grip-able.

Big Grips Stand™ is a matching stand for working at a desk or lying on the couch kicking back and watching stuff.

Safe, secure, and squishy

Yep. Squishy. As in soft, squishy, easy to grab foam. That means fewer slips, drops, and tumbles—and plenty of cushion just in case.

“Makes the rather slippery iPad much more toy-like.”

The New York Times


“Every iPad used by a child should be outfitted with this.”


“My son took every other iPad case off...He left Big Grips on.”

–Brooke Olson,
President, itaalk.org

It’s amazing how much relief Big Grips Frame brings to the table, especially when the iPad is falling from the table!

No need to worry about the iPad slipping out of Big Grips Frame either. Big Grips Frame snugly hugs and cradles your iPad and won’t let go until you say so.

Big Grips Frame is not only secure and very grip-able, it’s also...

*Please note, although we can’t guarantee the safety of your iPad, we do offer a 1-year limited warranty on Big Grips Frame and Big Grips Stand.


Attention educators

We've got a deal for you! Save on volume purchasing with our educator discount program for your class, school, or district!

The nitty gritty

Big Grips Frame

Big Grips Stand


Are Big Grips products available outside the US?

Big Grips are available in Australia, Canada, Europe, Israel, New Zealand, and Singapore. Click here for a list of companies to contact.

What's next?


Big Grips Hipster™, that's what! Travel more and worry less with the incredibly versatile carry bag for Big Grips Frame.

Easy access to the iPad, use of front and rear-facing cameras, lots of pockets for accessories and stuff, a shoulder strap (of course!), a rubber base for grip and a double-flap Velcro® handle for easily attaching Big Grips Hipster to things like car headrests. Order Big Grips Hipster today!

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